Unrivalled audience participation for large groups
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Games and learning modules
Cinematrix offers interactive modules for every kind of event with: voting, games and learning modules.
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Cinematrix can be used for instantaneous team-building, to support learning ideas or to energise the entire audience.
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The Swarm Experience
Cinematrix is a great tool to experience this kind of collective behaviour live. So let your audience swarm altogether.
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Cinematrix in action
The Video
Find out more about the amazing Cinematrix techology. Check out our video on
The Technology
Find out how it works!
Conventional audience response systems are mostly used for voting purposes. Because of its instantaneous response time, no matter how large the audience, Cinematrix is also able to offer the possibility to engage the entire group in competitive and collaborative games.
London Event For Free
Free Cinematrix Event
Cinematrix in the UK offers a UK conference organiser the chance to use the Cinematrix system in London in the second half of 2016 for free.