Large Groups
Outstanding mass audience participation
Cinematrix can work with as few as 50 delegates but can scale up to thousands of participants, while set-up time and costs remain manageable.
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Energise the audience
From decision takers to decision makers
Move your audience from its usual passive consuming attitude and say good-bye to the normal presentation marathon. Dare to involve each and everyone of your audience.
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Swarm intelligence
Swarms are self-organised
Cinematrix is a great tool to experience this kind of collective behaviour live. So let your audience swarm altogether!
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Games and learning modules

Cinematrix offers interactive modules for every kind of event with: voting, games and learning modules. All modules can be customised to meet the customers’ corporate design or the event theme.


This flight simulator in stunning 3d graphics is definitely one of our customers’ favourites. It requires the collaboration of all the participants in the hall to successfully fly the plane through the customised course.














Our voting module allows you to ask Yes/No questions to all the participants at your event. They agree by showing green with the signal wand and disagree by showing red. Abstention from voting is possible by simply hiding the signal wand. Multiple choice is also available as an option.











Shark Attack

This most energetic Cinematrix module is adapted from the early computer game Pong. Our updated version called Shark Attack replaces the old paddles and the square ball of Pong with shoals of fish and one hungry shark.