Large Groups
Outstanding mass audience participation
Cinematrix can work with as few as 50 delegates but can scale up to thousands of participants, while set-up time and costs remain manageable.
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Energise the audience
From decision takers to decision makers
Move your audience from its usual passive consuming attitude and say good-bye to the normal presentation marathon. Dare to involve each and everyone of your audience.
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Swarm intelligence
Swarms are self-organised
Cinematrix is a great tool to experience this kind of collective behaviour live. So let your audience swarm altogether!
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Free Cinematrix Event

Interest in the Cinematrix system has increased since its airing on BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory, and the use of our system by Google at four of their events in 2014

As a result we are now looking for an event organiser that would like to use the Cinematrix system for free at a one day event in London that is scheduled for the second half  of 2016 for free.

What you get: Free use of the following Cinematrix services:

Consultation with our UK director on how the system can be best integrated into the theme and message of your conference.

Customisation of our standard competitive, collaborative and voting modules.

Set up of the system before the event, and services of our 2/3 person technical team responsible for running the system during the event.

Services of one of our moderators either to work on stage, ensuring your delegates get the best experience from your use of the system, or to train your own moderator in the effective use of the system.


De-rigging of system after the event.

If you wish to use the system for a second day we will do that for 33% of our normal one day rate, which is dependent on the number of delegates.


We ask the following:

That the event has between 200 and 600 delegates. For a conference larger than 600 delegates we would ask you to pay a reduced per additional delegate fee.

That the system is used early in the day using our moderator, and that we are able to invite a handful of conference industry journalists during the initial session. The journalists will then leave the room for a question and answers session, allowing the conference to continue.

Our moderator will be available once finished with the journalists.

We also ask that our expenses be covered, a tiny investment for use of this great conference tool.


If you are interested and your conference meets the criteria, please contact Mike Reddy with a brief outline of what you currently have planned.