Large Groups
Outstanding mass audience participation
Cinematrix can work with as few as 50 delegates but can scale up to thousands of participants, while set-up time and costs remain manageable.
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Energise the audience
From decision takers to decision makers
Move your audience from its usual passive consuming attitude and say good-bye to the normal presentation marathon. Dare to involve each and everyone of your audience.
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Swarm intelligence
Swarms are self-organised
Cinematrix is a great tool to experience this kind of collective behaviour live. So let your audience swarm altogether!
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Cinematrix contacts

For further information please contact us.

Mike Reddy
Located in UK, regular visits to Australia and Middle East
Phone +44 7957 422568

Mike Reddy speaks English.



Andreas Meyer
Located in Germany
Phone +49 241 43514-60

Andreas Meyer speaks English and German.



Rachel Carpenter

Located in USA
Phone +1 415 6622274

Rachel Carpenter speaks English.